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​Diversity in Recruitment

Why is it important to improve diversity within recruitment?

As recruiter's we play an integral role in driving diversity and equal opportunity within the sectors in which we operate. It therefore seems somewhat deceitful if we don't do our utmost to improve diversity measures internally.

Diversity is not only a moral obligation, it makes perfect sense in the structure of any organisation. A diverse staffing pool establishes an environment of innovation and creativity, is proven to perform more efficiently, provides a better understanding of your client and candidate needs, and builds a strong and sincere brand identity.

At ea Change Group we achieve this through our 'Inclusion & Diversity Commitment'. Voluntarily reporting on a range of diversity factors across the organisation, we can measure and determine whether discrepancies exist, and how best to combat them. Since making this commitment we have implemented a range of learning, development and support initiatives to ensure we're empowering and growing our diverse population.

Daniel Sutherland - Divisional Director, ea Change Group