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Founder of ea Change Group Steve Robson highlights the shortcomings of the traditional consulting model

Is it still true "you don't get fired for hiring the big and expensive Consulting firms" but you may get fired for non delivery?

I started my firm eacg nearly 18 years ago, after 21 years running global traditional Professional Services firms, as I felt the old model of employed consultants attempting to deliver things that were not in their skill set was deeply flawed; having had to rescue Red Projects in 47 countries in 21 years.

eacg offer a unique expert based Change Delivery Service to the Financial Services market globally. We deliver complex change for the FS Market from Scotland in the North through to Auckland in the South - and our track record of delivering 10,000 days of change per month globally is based on a simple premise of "deliver great work we are proud of that is outcome focused" - not based an' ology' or even a large brand, but tried and leant expertise.

A well known UK Scottish CEO once said of eacg "...why are they 4 times as fast as the big 4 consultancies - and yet they are 30% cheaper?" The answer is simple - with access to a team of 2000 consultants with an average or 17 years FS experience - we get stuff done quickly - because we have done it before and learnt from our mistakes.

We have worked with many of the major name FS brands from the UK through to Australia and many new and challenger brands. If you are fed up with spending too much money on the traditional consulting model and want to give us a challenge - contact usand we will look to hook you up with one of our expert ex-bankers who have held roles from CEO, COO, CIO to Director of Change in many of the major FS brands around the world, and they will look to find a way to help you based on past practical experience in a timely, outcome driven and financially attractive way.

eacg - a breath of fresh air - offering expert based practical change delivery at a reasonable cost globally.