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ea Consulting rebrands to ea Change Group

The Change Management Consultancy, ea Consulting Group (eacg), which has become one of the leading providers of Change Management Consultants in the UK, has today announced a change of name to ea Change Group.

eacg carried out global research with numerous clients and associates and found widespread industry dissatisfaction with traditional 'consulting' models. This name change reaffirms eacg's passion for Change Management delivery, while continuing to offer real value for money in today's new economic reality.

While successfully delivering 10,000 days of change per month internationally, eacg 'gets' the big picture - clients want their projects delivered on time and to budget - and to do that they need real experts, selected by those who have knowledge and understanding of the complex change management process.

As a lean organisation which does not waste money on large expensive premises or airport advertising, ea Change Group can offer real savings to their clients, while markedly improving the delivery of change management projects across large organisations.

Commenting on the change, Steve Robson, founder and chairman at eacg said:

"The thinking behind the change is simple. As our industry and competitors have developed, the term 'consulting' has become tainted with all the things that we are not; high cost, partners selling and junior resource delivering, all defended by a big 'brand'. We don't want to be associated with a failed model where big consultancies deliver 'arms and legs' support but at top level rates. Our business of providing high level, specialist expertise at a fair price has always gone against the grain and our new name better captures our ability to deliver effective change within client organisations.

With offices in the UK, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, eacg's expansion has also revealed the differing international perceptions as to what 'consulting' actually means."

In the UK, eacg now works with all four of the UK major banks and many of the smaller ones.

In Asia too, ea is building a solid reputation with a range of consulting projects in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.