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We have seen some turbulence within the Financial Services sector and overall hiring patterns since the date of the referendum. Whilst other sectors seem to be powering ahead - engineering as an example, and probably related to investment in infrastructure and the value of Sterling - the Banking community is more circumspect and investment plans in major programmes are in shorter supply.

In July RBS decided to close down its internal project to divest itself of 300 branches under the Williams and Glynn brand. This led to several hundred contractors/interims coming onto the market in September. Our own intelligence is that many have been re-deployed but this has put pressure on day rates as the buying organisations take advantage of this talent pool. We watch to see what RBS may now do with this EU requirement to let these branches go.

Generally, we are seeing good activity levels and we can expect the Brexit agenda to put pressure on financial institutes to both plan for the UK leaving the EU and to adapt systems and processes to accommodate the change post Brexit. We expect some big programmes to be launched to work through all this but until there is more clarity on the UKs situation post Brexit, in terms of access to the single market, pass-porting rights, financial equivalency, the movement of people and more the institutions can't actually change much at all - they can simply model what their/our world might look like.

Within ea we are very busy and growing our customer base rapidly. We are always in need of great Change people. The market is a bit different at present but great people with great skills will always be in demand. Don't hesitate to let us know how we can help - we've been doing that since 1998 and love what we do.